One award and 25 other things

I know that I have been remiss about passing on the awards I've received - and that is just inexcusable! But I also have forgotten some of them ... sorry ... so if you've sent me something and I never posted it - give me a yell. I mean that literally - yell at me to get my butt in gear!

I received the award above from one of my very first blog friends, Darla! Thank you, Darla - I love it! I don't have a sister, so my friendships are very important to me - and a sisterhood award from one of them is awesome.

I would like to pass this award on to any of my readers who don't have a sister. (Anyone out there?) I'd love to know if you accept it - let me know!

And as an added bonus, I am going to include one of those corny"25 things about me" ... just 'cause you can't get enough of me!

1. I met Andy on July 31, 2001 when I was working at Barnes & Noble - he was a customer. We were friends first, and then started dating in February 2002. We were engaged 4 months later and were married in July 2003. He is the most fantastic husband and father and he is my best friend.

2. After trying to have kids for two years we knew it would not come easy. It took us three (failed) IUIs and one (successful!) IVF to have our twin girls. I’ve had more needles stuck in me than a pin cushion.

3. I am a steak and potatoes girl.

4. I am a blogger. I never managed to put together baby albums for the girls, so the blog is a journal of our lives. I love it.

5. I miss cooking. I used to cook all the time before the girls (and sleep deprivation) came along. I stick to the usual menu plans now. I keep promising myself I will start up again!

6. Although I do soooo love eating out.

7. I regret not getting my teaching degree in college. I actually did teach for 4 years and was just looking into getting my certificate through alternate route when we finally got pregnant and I decided I wanted nothing more than to stay home with the girls.

8. We hope to have one more child to complete our crazy life!

9. When all the kids are in school, I plan on going back myself for graphic design, specifically for the web. I’d like to open my own Web Design business. (What happened to teaching, Rose???)

10. TIVO is the best invention – EVER.

11. I am glad that I am a member of my local twin club. I have met so many great moms and I love being involved in something I really care about.

12. I keep my house really cold. Really. My friends know to bring a sweater.

13. My desk is a mess – papers, books, coupons are in lots of tiny piles. I do a major clean up every few months that usually only lasts a week.

14. My mom is my personal superhero. She comes over every day after work to help me with the girls – and has done so since they were born. (It really helps during tax season when Andy works late nights and Saturdays.)

15. My girls are the reason I was born.

16. I love reading science fiction. Always have. Right now I am reading the “Dragonrider” series by Anne McCaffrey. (And I can't wait to see the new Star Trek movie.)

17. I regret hurting people – especially past friends. I made a lot of stupid decisions about stupid things that seemed to matter so much at the time. I see some of these people on Facebook and want to apologize, but have no clue how it will be received.

18. At the same time I have so many good memories of my friends that make me laugh out loud and I wonder if they remember them, too.

19. I love to gamble – small amounts. Just for fun. Put me in front of the craps table and I’ll play the minimum all night – and win. (I love playing BINGO, too, and hope to find a friend who meet me at the local Catholic Church one night and play for real!)

20. I love Vera Bradley – she makes the most beautiful quilted bags in beautiful colors and styles. I have over 20 of them. Andy is happy that I am not into Coach.

21. I cried every day the first week we moved into this house. I missed my townhouse so much and I wanted to start looking for a new home immediately. I drove Andy nuts. I do love it now – and I am thankful we have a home to keep us safe.

22. Nothing makes me angrier than poor customer service. I have written more complaint letters than I can count. Poor product upsets me, too. I got Home Depot to re-carpet our entire upstairs after the original carpet they sold us started to show wear after two months. Lots of letters and phone calls over three months but totally worth it.

23. I love watching Family Guy.

24. I don’t drink – just don’t care for it. I have no problem if people are drinking around me (not morally against it or anything) – but I get very uncomfortable being around people who are drunk. Don’t like it.

25. Andy and I are opposite in many ways – but totally alike in the things that really matter. And our birthdays are only one day apart.

I'd love it if anyone else did their "25 things" - c'mon ... you know you have one!


Songbirdtiff said...

I love family guy, too. :)

Rosemarie said...

It's such an inane show - with a horrible sense of humor. Why can't I stop laughing when I watch it??? :)

Dawn said...

howdy!! i think we have so much in common :)

5 & 6 (i think i would love cooking again if someone shopped and cleaned up... those food network people have it made!!), 10 (tivo is definitely a 10!! sad to say, but i don't think i could live without it!), 13 (if only it would stay clean a whole week...), 17, 18... and i'm with you on # 22, but my letters never get written...

have a fun day!!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

thanks for your comment support today for tuesday and cora...

ok...so, i have mad DVR love, which is much like tivo!

laughing rocks my face off!

Coop said...

I loved this! RE: #20 - I am unfortunately one of those Coach junkies, although I have been doing some reassessing and selling my old bags on ebay. I also like their shoes, however, and that's really really bad.

#22 - I am the queen of getting free stuff out of companies. I've gotten free flights, customer service gift cards (which are basically a way of saying - don't piss this customer off again LOL) and hotel stays. I also managed to get a free delivery from IKEA, which happened because I bought an expensive item, misplaced the receipt (though they had it on their back-end) and they gave me the wrong items. I try to send complimentary stuff too (I am always writing to JetBlue about how pleasant their staff is ;-) ).

Anonymous said...

Great list! Congrats on the award!

Safire said...

Hey, we like the same kind of books! We'll have to trade lists sometime. :)

Ms Cupcake said...

Checking in from sits! It's Hump Day.

I have a new giveaway on my blog.

Zen Cupcake: New Giveaway! Barbie Turns 50 Years Old!

Have a great day!

Anniebanannie said...

TOTALLY awesome that your mom comes to help you. I wish so badly I had that.

22-SAME HERE! If I receive poor cust. serv. I will research and research to find out how to write or complain. CAN'T STAND IT!

These are fun!