Oh no, I napped

Nooooooooo! I fell asleep at around 4:30 for an hour! Bad Rose! The girls were playing so nicely - they love playing with Little People and small plastic figures. They set them up in a ton of situations - mostly from whatever books or TV shows we recently read/saw - and squeek cute little dialog back and forth to each other. They were so calm and peaceful I drifted off on the recliner. So now we shall see what tonight is like. My Aunt Audrey suggested (in my comments) to get Simply Sleep by Tylenol, and my question for those of you who take it is this (or Bendryl) ... how often can I take it without it being a bad thing? Don't want to get addicted! And I would! :)

The girls were really cute today. Katie is in a "put little things in a bag/box/basket and tote them around the room. So she'll gather things in groups - play utensils, or these small letters we have, or large beads for stringing - and put them in whatever container she is attached to for the day - preferable with a handle. Then she gets dressed up in this pink princess dress that is all ripped apart (poor princess!), a hat that is too small for her but she squishes it on anyway, whatever stray bibs are laying around, and her bag of loot. She struts around from place to place and just does her thing. It cracks us up.

Maddie has a memory like no other. She can memorize a book or a show after just seeing it once. I kid you not. So she'll take her Little People and Sesame Street figures and acts out what is in her head. The girls are on a "Little Bear" kick and her figures were acting out one of the episodes today. I just sit and watch her - it's amazing.

(Oh - and I am totally doing "rest time" when they give up their naps! Thanks for the suggestions, Yaya and Saf!)


~~Mel~~ said...

Isn't it so cute how they play??? My little guy is just like your Maddie in that he memorizes everything and likes to act out tv shows (even now at almost 8!).

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!

Impulsive Addict said...

I absolutely LOVE naps! Why don't kids love them equally? I've never understood that. lol

Anonymous said...

I hope your sleep is better tonight!