The Day After (or a few days after at this point)

I hope that all your Thanksgivings went well! We had a nice, quiet day. It was me, Andy, the girls, my mom, and one of my brothers. Andy's parents would have been there, too, but his mom had cataract (sp?) surgery the week before and it takes a while for her eyes to adjust. We missed them!

The day started the night before with the brinin' 'o' the turkey...

Then I made peanut butter cookes with the candy in the middle. I'm watching League of Their Own on www.hula.com. Awesome site - check it out.

The finished product. This was a zoom-in with my ... ahem ... new thing-a-ma-job ... and I LOVE IT!

Katie spent the morning out with Daddy raking up leaves. She is holding a bright neon green bucket. He rakes the leaves into a pile and she scoops them up in her bucket and dumps them in the garbage can. I love that she is such an "outside girl" - it keeps Andy company and cracks him up beyond belief.

Maddie and Grandma stayed inside and read books. She is just like her Mama - an "inside girl"!

While that was happening, I made my apple pie ... which I was not too pleased with at the end, although my brother, Eric, loved it. The texture was off for me - I am going back to Paula Deen's recipe for Christmas.

Speaking of Uncle Eric ...

We had a nice antipasta spread before dinner - I totally filled up on bread, fresh mozzarella, and marinated artichokes. Next year I am thinking of an appetizer only Thanksgiving ... hmmm?

The girls woke up from their nap just in time to catch the end of the antipasta - and were in good moods, thank goodness. So often Katie wakes up in a total sour mood - and it can take her an hour to recover. This was a good day!

OK ... I didn't take any shots of dinner. I forgot! I was concetrating on getting the sides to all finish at the same time, carve the turkey, get the girls prepped for dinner (bibs, etc.) and I didn't want the you-know-what-that-begins-with-a-"c" getting dirty - so none of those!

After dinner, Katie had a diaper explosion - whoa Nelly. Uncle Eric couldn't take it. Covered his eyes instantly and looked like he was going to faint. It required a bath so we decided just to bathe them both - which is always a project in and of itself. They love it though - and Andy bathed them so who am I to complain? My mom did the dishes during this event (rock on)!

After that was over, Uncle Eric (Katie was calling him Uncle Meric) played Alphabet Bingo with the girls and just rolled all around the room with them. Good thing I don't have any living room furniture!
We ended up in front of the TV where Andy and I proceeded to conk out for a bit while my mom and brother played with the girls. When it hit 7pm, we gave them their milk and they went to bed. We sent Eric home with a bunch of food, including the pie ... my mom left ... Andy and I settled down and it was an early night.

And that was our lovely day. Hope yours was the same.


Audrey Lois said...

So glad to hear that you had a great day. Thanks for walking us through it!

Kerry Marie McG said...

It's nice to share the memories of my extended family during this holiday season.

Kerry Marie McG said...

And Hula rocks, doesn't it???

Darla said...

That looks like a nice day and so special that the girls had their Uncle all to themselves!