Random Rosies - #1

OK - first of all I am totally copying that title off my cousin and her husband. They are both chemical engineers who are working in Singapore for 3 years and have set up a website to chronical their time there. One page of their website is called "Random Reeds" where they list crazy and wacky things that happen to them over there.

So, yes I am copying - but it's all good in spirit! I want to keep up with blogging during this busy time, but only have the energy for a few lines here and there. Here are some Random Rosies ...

1. I burned 3 fingertips on my left hand yesterday making dinner. Badly. I had to keep them soaked in water all night and they are only just now feeling better.

2. We went on a Santa train ride this afternoon with the girls and it was eh. Let me just say - it was no Santa Land.

3. I wrapped 99% of our gifts this evening and my back is a'hurtin'.

Good night. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh no! That is terrible about your fingers. I am glad that they are feeling better. :o)

Darla said...

I like the Randoms........slow down!

Jen said...

Ouch! That hurts.
Glad your fingers feel better but there will be some healing ahead; take care.

Kerry Marie McG said...

Copy cat! (Although I don't think she'll mind...)

Beverlee said...

If the skin where the burns happened begins to blister, DON'T peel it away! Let it settle down. It acts as a natural band aid! I see this sort of stuff at my work all the time!