I shoplifted tonight


"It is 11:17pm - do you know what your wife is doing?" She is shoplifting notepads from the Dollar Spot in Target.

Tonight I went out with my friend Lisa to do some Christmas shopping. We both needed to go to the exact same places: Target, Babies R Us, and The Walmarts. We had Chinese food, too - yum.

Target was our first stop and all we needed was gift cards. Riiiight ... because it's so easy to walk into Target and leave with ONLY the thing you went in for. So we browsed - and found nice magnetic notepads in the Dollar Spot. Only a buck! How can you go wrong? I picked up one that was lavendar with cute little mittens down the side - the girls would love it. Then we found gift bags - TWO for a buck. Can't pass that up - no way no cow. So I am mentally doing a tally of how many bags I should pick up (ten sets) and go on my way. Got some PJs for the girls. Got them some gloves for the girls - again, two for 99 cents.

Go to pay. "Hey wait, Lisa ... can't find my neato notepad ... I put it down when I was getting the bags ... let me go pick it up."

I couldn't find it by the bags, shrugged - there are more important things to worry about - picked up another one. Not the pretty lavendar one - couldn't find any. Paid and left.

Went to BRU. Paid and left.

Went to Mr. Chu's. Paid and left.

Went to The Walmarts (love calling it that). I had to return some things there so I was at the Customer Service counter. Open my bag to get my receipts - this required digging.

"Hey ... Lise?"

"Hmm?" She is browsing the circular not looking up.


There in my purse I find ...

We both exploded into a fit of giggles. How stupid am I? What possessed me to put this thing in my bag? The joy of finding gift bags at two for a dollar? Man, I need to get out more.

Needless to say, I will be visiting Target tomorrow night to return the purloined notepad. My question to you all is this ... WHAT THE HECK DO I SAY?


Kerry Marie McG said...

The truth will set you free! They'll find you to be totally adorable & all will be well!

Darla said...

The truth! The sale on the bags totally messed you up!!

Audrey Lois said...

Just tell them, "It's in the bag!" I am sure they will let you keep it without paying, honesty is the best policy!

Katy said...

I've done this before as well. I would just take it back, tell them what happened and go from there. I know how you feel.

Jen said...

Oh gosh. Good thing you weren't caught on video! lol I think you are safe take it back with your story next time you go.