Odds and Ends

Hey ... few housekeeping items ...

1. I went back to Target! I decided just to walk up to the register and pay for it- which I did. I took the chicken way out, but at least it's paid for now. (I still have absolutely no memory of sticking it in my bag ...)

2. Katie is all well. Her fever literally came out of nowhere. She ate dinner, sat on my mom's lap, and just stayed there. That's when I knew something was wrong - because that child never stops moving. She was at 100.3 when she went to bed. I went to get her at 10:30pm to give her more Tylenol. After I did, she lifted her arms up - so I figured I would change her diaper and check her temp again. When we got to the playroom, she threw up all over me and the rug. (Andy is gagging while cleaning up the rug - in the meantime I'm wearing it like a fur coat!) It was in her hair, so we bathed her - took her temp again - 102.3. I kept her with us all night - she slept well - but was at 102.7 in the morning. I think I would have been more worried if she was still acting lethargic - but she was eating, drinking, and playing fine - and I know my doctor wouldn't have wanted to see her, anyway. By Saturday night she was fine - and today she is super. A weird virus I guess. I am just SO thankful that Maddie didn't catch it.

3. I have still not taken our Christmas card picture. Aargh! Andy promised me he would pull the ornaments down from the attic tonight so I can decorate it and and take their pics tomorrow. I plan on using lots of M&Ms if the smiling is not spontaneous.

4. I have a great new way of keeping things neat when the girls play with Playdoh - new post on that coming soon!

5. I am starting another sewing project - for one of my goddaughters (I have four - yay!) - wish me luck! It has to stay on the DL because her mom reads this blog.

I added some new blogs that I now visit- check them out in the appropriately titled, "Blogs I Visit" column. Have a great rest of the day!


Anniebanannie said...

Hey! I found you through my friend's "Confessions from an impulsive addict" blog! You're girls are adorable!

Darla said...

You brave soul you! Glad Katie is better. Christmas card picture......at least you have thought of it. Curious about the Playdoh and I want a sewing machine soooo bad. Won't ask for anything for Christmas this year though. My husband buys for me all the time. But, my birthday is the 28th.........hahaha

Jen said...

1. Good idea!
hope everyone stays well, it's hard this time of year.

Kerry Marie McG said...

I'm glad you didn't get sent to the Target Jail - LOL! Glad to hear everyone is well. Can't wait to find out the truth behind Playdoh :-)!!!