Oklahoma and Word Verification Hysteria

I have been adopted by the Oklahomians! Oklahomans? Oklahomasts? Whatever the case may be - I am loving my new blog pals. I honestly can't remember who found who first, but I am so glad the finding occured!

They have graciously allowed this Jersey Girl into their little circle. You see, here in NJ blogging is not the thing. Yes ... one of my aunts blogs almost daily (Hey Aunt Audrey!) and one of my aunts blogs every few weeks (Hey Aunt Bev!) but that's it here in NJ. I have pals in Florida (Hey, Darla!) and New York, too (Hey, Sue!) who I read daily - but they are far away, too. But none of my mom-friends here in NJ have blogs! They all think I'm nuts for doing this and I have to remind them to read it. My friend says, laughing, "Why do I have to read it? We talk everyday and you tell me everything anyway!" Which is true, so she's got me there.

The cool thing about the Oklahoma gals is that it seems like they all knew each other as friends outside the blog world first. Here's a shout out ...

Katy! Check out her fab blog "Fun With the Baker 5." She shares her decorating tips, her beautiful children, and her honest and true feelings about life, laundry, and TV shows.

Christy! Christy is a new blogger who writes "Confessions from an Impulsive Addict." When she's not baking carrot cake she's fighting bag ladies who overcharge her for gorgeous purses. And she won my first giveaway so props.

Annie! I don't know how Annie does it - she is going to school for her nursing degree and yet still finds time to make candy cane Christmas trees for her kiddies.

Miss JC! I am in the beginning stages of reading her blog, so I'll quote her subtitle ... "I'm a twenty something music teacher trying to make it in a small town...and learning a few things about the simple life along the way!"

(I am always looking for more blog friends from the Sooner State - so drop me a line!)

But what finally hooked me to these gals is the game they invented with the words we all have to verify when we leave a comment on a blog. You know - those words like "corrins" or "mistsupe". What they do is use the word in a sentence.

Examples ...

Mistsupe ... "I was too late to lunch today so I mistsupe."

Catishi ... "Martha Stewart is coming out with a new line of japanese style Meowmix called catishi."

Inster ... "Chad said he was a inster'd in wrastling."

Corrins ... "Darnit, I can't walk 'cause my corrins are a'hurtin' today."

They just tack on the sentence at the end of their comment. Sometimes I have to say them out loud a few times to get them. But once I do I completely and utterly crack up! I thank these ladies for the laughter everyday!

Give it a try ... but be warned ... it's addicting!

UPDATE!!! I wrote out this post last night (12/11) at around 10:30pm. When I turned on my computer this morning (12/12) and started checking out other blogs ... what did I find??? That these ladies have created a NEW blog all about Word Verification! Purely coincidental ... how funny. Check it out at Pleeze Pass Tha Pees but Holde Da KoRn. Awesome, Ladies!


Katy said...

Wow, I'm completely stunned. Cannot believe you were totally giving us a shout out and in the meantime we were building a blog together! You're awesome, thank you for the nice, sweet, precious, kind and funny comments!! We all love you as well.

Anniebanannie said...

You are totally awesome Rosemarie! Thanks so much the marketing as we get this new thing rollin!!! You ROCK!

WV: porpal
My porpal, she stubbed her toe last night and can't walk today.

Impulsive Addict said...

Aww...thanks Rosemarie! You are such a sweetie pie! We are just some good ole Oklahoma gals with too much time on our hands I think!! We appreciate the shout-out! We're trying to become famous and you may have just helped us achieve that!! LOL! Oprah?? Are you there? We're waiting for your call.

WV: emalin
Don't choo be emalin' those nasty pictures no more!

Katy said...

Rosemarie: I think people that go to our blog are like "what the hell are these girls doing"...I bet people think we're like 10 or 12 or something.
Oh, well.