Random Rosies #2

More thoughts and rambling ...

1. Can't find our stockings anywhere. Andy opened every Christmas box yesterday, and then some - and ended up organizing part of the basement in the process. Good - but still no stockings.

2. Found a silver pen and got my cards out. Realized I missed about 5 people - will do them today when the girls nap.

3. Fingers are healing well - almost look normal!

4. Today's project ... bake cookies for garbage collectors and mailman. Run out tonight for Dunkin' Donuts gift cards. If we keep them happy, our garbage cans are stacked nicely and the big packages are brought to the door! (They are all nice, though - so I'd do it anyway!)

Have a nice Monday!


Impulsive Addict said...

Ahh...the garbage men! Never thought about them! Maybe if I baked them something they wouldn't leave my trash can tipped over every week! Good idea! Hope you find the stockings! Those are very important!!! =)

Beverlee said...

It is very important to give to those who serve us throughout the year! Your Grandma Doris was very big on giving 'a little something' to the trash collectors and the mailman. It's a total feel good thing to do that. I have had the same mailman since I've lived at my apartment (Dominic). He is always so plesant. I think I will give him a Panera gift card this year so he can buy himself a nice warm lunch during the winter months, instead of some cash. It's a bit difficult to give to the trash collectors as I don't have a driveway and my trash can is way in the back of the building in the alley. But I will figure something out. They come around when it is still dark, so I don't want to just leave an envelope attached to the can...they may not notice it, or throw it away. Perhaps if I tie it with some ribbons..... ? Hmmmm.. that might work!

Anonymous said...

Our garbage men leave us a Christmas card every year. I have never thought of baking them cookies or giving them a gift card to a donut shop. That is fantastic. I'll have to remember that next year. These poor men are off on Christmas but work on Thanksgiving. Our trash day is on Thursdays and I absolutely refuse to set out the trashcan on Thanksgiving.