In need of a silver pen

So I ordered our Christmas cards through Shutterfly and I was so happy with the design I chose. I wanted it to be different from the previous years ...

Christmas 2006 ... I loved this card. I loved their dresses, I loved the circular space to write in ... just loved it all. It was our first "picture card" and I felt like I finally belonged to that exclusive little club! hehe

Christmas 2007 ... I liked the horizonal look a lot. I liked the bright white, too. Also, since it took us about 3 hours to take this picture and I still wasn't 100% thrilled with the results - I included some closeup shots of the girls from different pictures, which everyone else loved, too. Their dress came with a black velvet bolero but when we put it on them it just looked like they had on a black dress, so I took it off of them.

So I did the red - and I did the white - so I thought ... "green would look nice this year!" I also dressed them in a non-traditional Christmas dress. They are ivory and teal and magenta. A very small paisley design on an ivory corderoy jumper and a long sleeve ivory onesie with a cute collar. I bought them at Janie & Jack for like 90% off on clearance when they were only a few months old. I got it in a size 3T - and lucky for me it just fits Katie.

So looking at only green cards, I found one I really liked. I don't want to post it here because I want my relatives to be surprised when they see it for the first time. Here is a sample of the card, just to show you the color ...

Pretty green right? Well it printed up about a thousand times darker. So dark that my black Sharpie doesn't even show up on it! Here is what it really looks like ...

BUT DARKER! I couldn't even get it to look as dark as it really is without going into black - which it might as well be. And the pictures printed really dark, too. I used a shot of them in front of our tree and didn't use the flash to get a nice glow - but it just looks like I used a bad picture.

Not a big deal, I know - there are much worse things in this world. I'll just go out and get a silver pen. And I'll remember to compensate for brightness next year. But it's just those types of little things that drive me nutso.

Make me feel better. Tell me something that drives you nutso even though it's really not a big deal. You'll feel better! PROMISE!


Kerry Marie McG said...

All will be right in the world when you get your silver pen!
I love looking at the photos of the girls from Christmases gone past. I have them all over my wall at work - your girls & your cousins' girls - they never come down!

Katy said...

Found a pen yet?
Hope you're doing well this evening.

Anonymous said...

I love the Christmas cards from past Christmases. They are great! If we lived close to each other I would let you borrow my silver pen. :o)

Audrey Lois said...

I picked up my photo cards at Walgreen's the other day. They gave me a gold marker pen that is good on photo cards. Maybe they sell silver ones. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Anniebanannie said...

Hope you found the silver sharpie. Things like that drive me absolutely crazy too. I ordered a dinosaur toy for my little one out of a catalog where it looks SO darn cute. I got it, and it was about 10 x smaller than what they make it look. Oh well, it's still cute, and I guess not as much wrapping to use right?!!
Your girls are adorable and I can't wait to see the full card!

Impulsive Addict said...

Hmmm...I have a BIG thing that drives me nutso! I HATE people who (1) Drive slow in the fast lane and won't move over for speeders (like myself) (2) When 2 cars are going the exact same speed taking up both lanes so NO ONE can pass them!
I totally get some road rage with that stuff happens! It's a problem that I'm currently seeking a doctors help with. LOL!

WV: pershis
Hurry up and get your grandpa to the hospital before he pershis. Oooh...that one's bad!!