Happy Birthday, Poppy

Andy's dad's birthday was the day before Thanksgiving - and since they didn't come for Thanksgiving, they visited us the Saturday after. They usually arrive just when the girls are about to wake up from their nap - so they like to go upstairs to get them and surprise them. The girls love it - "Grammy ... Poppy ..." they say in tired little voices.

When they get to the playroom they instantly perk up and playtime commences. After I take some pictures I usually scoot away to get some things done. (hehe)

Maddie was up before Katie so she got some one-on-one time, which was nice.

We always go out to dinner when they come over - and the girls behave really well. When it came time for ice cream for the girls (a MUST on a dinner outing) - I told them that it would be better if we did it at home. I don't know who was more upset - the girls or the grandparents!

BUT - I made a cake for Poppy's birthday and I wanted the girls to be awake long enough so that we could sit and have a nice dessert. When we got home I sat them all in the dining room with ice cream and I got the candles on the cake without anyone seeing. I had Andy turn off the lights - and we walked in with the cake. Poppy was really surprised - and tried to get the girls to help him blow out the candles.

After some cake, which with the ice cream is way more sugar than any two crazy little girls can handle, we sent them off to bed!

It was a nice afternoon and evening - although Andy's parents sat for 45 minutes on the George Washington Bridge trying to get back home. Ugh.

Happy Birthday Poppy!


Darla said...

Making memories! Priceless.
When you visit other blogs, tell them to come visit you and enter your contest!

Liz said...

What sweet pics! That looks like it was so much fun.

2sweetnsaxy said...

It's so nice that you got to visit and celebrate his birthday. The pics are great.

Kerry Marie McG said...

You inherited that element of surprise from your Mom. Viola - here's a cake!!!