How to make a really big mess in under an hour

We decided to make sugar cookies with the girls this afternoon. I looked and looked for my Christmas cookie cutters, but no luck. So we just used a round glass and it was great!

We had sprinkles and candy in little bowls. The girls had parchment paper to work on. The cookie dough was nice and cold.

Then Maddie started eating the M&Ms off the raw cookies. Katie ate them right out of the bowl. Sugar rush ensued!

Batch one in the oven!

Even Daddy got in on the act with his "KM" cookies.

Messy messy table!

Then came the time to chow down.
You couldn't walk one step without getting nonpareils on your socks! Andy swiffered for the next hour!

Now that I think about it, it wasn't that bad! It didn't take too long, really. It was the perfect after-nap activity!

But we are still stepping on nonpareils.


Katy said...

Nonpariels, have never really understood that word. They are quite fun to decorate with though! The cookies turned out pretty and I kinda wanna eat one right through the computer screen.
Glad you all had some fun family fun!

Kerry Marie McG said...

Awww!!!! They did such a good job!!!!

Darla said...

Its nice to see a family doing activities together. Yummy looking cookies. God job with the swiffer Andy!!

Sue said...

It looks like you had so much fun and as for messes that looked minimal to me, the girls did a great job and yummy job too!

Audrey Lois said...

Glad you had a fun family time together!

Rosemarie said...

I had to look up the spelling of nonpareils! And for some reason the Swiffer will NOT pick them up - grrrr.

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG! I'm so hungry for a cookie right now!! They look waaaay yummy!! Enjoy your Sunday!

WV: copas
Pron: Cop-as
Sentence: I saw that copas he went speeding by.

Beverlee said...

Love the KM cookies! If they haven't been eaten up yet, how about coating one or both with some clear shallack (sp?) and make ornaments?
You and Andy are the coolest parents EVER!! :o)

Anniebanannie said...

Mmmmm...I can smell the aroma of fresh baking cookies right now....

Looks like loads of fun! We usually do that on Christmas eve, so we can leave some for Santa, as it's his request each year ;)