Photoshop Elements

We were in Long Island this weekend visiting Andy's parents for Labor Day weekend and of course my camera's battery died after only a few pictures. Andy's dad, better known as Poppy to two crazy ... um, adorable little girls, saved the day and took a bunch for me. I just have to download them onto my computer and then I'll create a slideshow.

While we were there, right before bed each night I read "Photoshop Elements 6.0 for Dummies". "No, I'm not!" I want to say to that book - but apparently I am. Usually I am pretty good at figuring out a new program by just tinkering with it - but with Elements I am LOST! Worse than those poor people on TV. I bought the program a couple of weeks ago and all I have managed to do is create the banner for this blog, which did not come out at all like I pictured it in my head. I wanted the background to be a bit lighter and blurry while keeping the girls focused and bright and let the text really pop out. But - nope, couldn't do it.

Well ... now I believe I can ... dum dum duuuuummmmm ...

I started at Chapter One, and made it through to Chapter Six over the two nights we were there. I still have more to read, and I hope to be finished in the next few days, but I played around with the program a little bit when we got home today and I was able to do some pretty cool things. I am very excited and I am hoping to really make my pictures look amazing.

I'll post some of my works in progress soon ... but until then here are a few more "oldies but goodies." I am very nostalgic lately.

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