Me and You, and My Dog Blue

About a month ago a Twin Club Friend of mine sent out an email saying that she just purchased tickets to a live "Blues Clues" show at the local kids theater, and did anyone else want to go, too? I hemmed and hawed about bringing the girls because of their past behavior at large-group-events-that-need-to-hold-their-attention (see previous post), but the tickets were not that expensive at all, so Andy and I decided it was worth it to try and we got aisle seats just in case.

So today we went ... and it was ... not that bad. The show didn't start quite on time (did someone forget their was about 100 toddlers and preschoolers in the audience?), but they gave out crayons and Handy Dandy Notebooks so that occupied the girls. Katie was on my lap and Maddie was sitting on Andy as the lights went down and the show began. I wasn't even watching the show. I kept my eyes on the two little creatures with the fright-or-flight looks in their eyes to see what move I had to make next. Katie cried for Andy. Maddie cried for me. So we switched kids (that worked out nice).

Katie took here Handy Dandy Notebook and put it up in front of her face - because if she couldn't see anyone then they couldn't see her either. Maddie faced me, grabbed my shirt, and turned her head around to look. It was a very small theater (it is actually a castle) and we were in the third row so the actors were only about 10 feet away from us. Maddie eventually got into it, and we participated in calling out and helping Steve find Blue's clues together. Then she got antsy and climbed all over me ... and the guy in front of us ... and his kid ... non-stop. I apologized profusely.

Katie kept that Handy Dandy Notebook in front of her face. Then ... she let out one eye. Then her nose. Then two eyes, but kept her mouth covered. She cried at one point. She put down her notebook altogher and watched the remainer of the show absolutely expressionless. We call that pretty darn good.

Blue and Steve posed for pictures at the end - and we patiently waited our turn. We went for pizza after with my Twin Club Friend and her family and they did well there, too! Amazing is not enough of a word to describe it.

Here are a few pics ... enjoy!

Here is the Castle. You drive through some backroads with homes, turn the corner, and you're in Camelot. What would the simple folk do?

I loved this bench - and the girls cooperated! Miracle!

Katie cracks me up here. Look at her sideways glance towards Steve. "So you're Steve, huh?" Maddie is about a second from taking off.


Darla said...

I know it's challenging at this stage, you are gonna miss this one day. Take the good with the bad and love every minute of it. The best things about kids and photos is the mess ups.. Kid will be kids and we need to let them.

Liz said...

Those girls are adorable!