Pink Toes

My toes are painted almost all the time. I like red the best - it makes your feet look all cute and pretty. Katie has been obsessed with "Mama's red toes" for a long time now. Whenever I walk around the house without socks on, or if we are out and I have my sandals on, she says over and over, "Mama has red toes" in her little squeaky voice.

For the past two months, whenever Katie admires my toes, I ask her if she wants red toes, too. She always looks at me aghast, "how could you suggest such a thing!" shakes her head and says in a low voice, "Nooooo." But it always seems to come back up. She even started saying to me, "Katie want red toes?" and then answers herself, "Nooooo." It's cute. Sometimes she says "YES!" and I say "Really?" and then she says, "Nooooo."

Last night I was painting my toes (at about 10:30pm, not taking into account that I had to let them dry before I fell asleep - smart, Rose ...) and I decided to use pink nailpolish instead of the red. WELL! This morning Katie was singing a completely different tune!

She looked at my toes, and looked at my fast, and said, "Mama has pink toes! Katie has pink toes!" and plopped herself on the couch with her legs out in front of her - her feet together and pointed up. I asked her if she really wanted pink toes, over and over, and she kept saying yes, so I went to get the bottle. I came back to the playroom and she was still sitting there. I held the bottle up in front of her and said, "Do you want pink toes?" and she nodded her head vigorously - so I went for it!

She held perfectly still, and I was able to do one perfectly pretty coat of the pink. I told her to sit still while they dried - and she did. Then Miss Maddie wanted pink toes - and she rarely showed interest at all,ever. So I painted her toes pink, also! She did not sit as still as Katie, so the polish ended up on her skin a little but it will rub off. Maddie also did not understand the concept of letting them dry, and tucked her feet up under her when she was done, so the polish got on the couch a little eensy bit (sorry Andy!).

They both walked around looking at their toes for a good 3 or 4 minutes - and I of course took pictures. (They are a little fuzzy because I tried to take close-ups - I can't figure out how to get close-up pictures clearer.)

The whole thing lasted about 7 minutes, but it was the best part of my week. It makes me look forward to doing more things like this as they grow up. I can't wait!

Katie - perfect

Maddie - notice the smudge on her left foot

All done! Katie sitting nice and still, waiting for them to dry - and Maddie tumbling around like a monkey!

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Sue said...

Such a cute story! Love how they preferred the pink over red, only out of the minds of little ones! Great pics!