The new "Twin Law" passed here in the great state of NJ the other day (thank you Governor Corzine!) and we twin moms (and moms with triplets, quads, etc.) now have the final say-so in whether or not our children are separated or kept together in school.

Right now I plan on keeping them together for pre-school and kindergarten and separate them for 1st grade and beyond. I like having the choice. There are plenty of moms of multiples out there who want their kids to stay together all the time, and that is their absolute right. Just as you shouldn't think of a set of twins as one person, you shouldn't think of twin moms as one standardized group of people either.

Our local paper, The Daily Record, covered this today. Yours truly was interviewed, and although I spoke with the reporter for about 15 minutes, I only got one line quoted! Bummer! :) And my last name is spelled wrong! Oh the shame! My fifteen minutes of fame whittled down to 30 seconds. I suppose I'll live!

Here is the link - don't sneeze as you're reading or you'll miss me!

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Audrey Lois said...

I am happy to hear that you now have a choice in regards to placing your twins in a classroom! Great job Rosemarie!