Saturday Morning Adventures

My favorite day of the week is Saturday, as I am sure it is for most of you, too. I may be home all week long, but I am working just as much as anyone else. It is exhausting dealing with the Crazy Carroll Chicks! (Although, I do love it and am thankful we are able to do it this way.) Andy does the nicest thing in the world for me and takes the girls out almost every Saturday morning and I get to sleeeeeep as long as I want. It works out for everyone: Andy gets to spend time with the girls, Katie and Maddie get dirty without me saying "NO" every 30 seconds, and Rose gets a morning off!

He likes to take them to parks and he is trying to hit every park in our county. He gets an address, plugs in the Tom Tom, and takes off. If they are not exhausted by the end of their adventure he will even take them to lunch, that way when they come home all we have to do is clean them up and put them down for a sleep. And sleep they do!

When I remember, I shove the camera in his hand as he is walking out the door. Here are just a few pics of their adventures at one of their favorite haunts. It is a fun place and he takes them there after their nap sometimes, too.

Maybe one day I'll go with them ... but why spoil everyone's fun?


Audrey Lois said...

How sweet! It looks like a beautiful place to take a stroll!

Darla said...

Got a nice deal going withe the hubby!! The place is beautiful too.

Sue said...

Love your Saturday tradition, special for your husband and the girls and also for you!

I gave you the "I love your blog" award. Stop by my blog to read about it.