Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend we went to visit Andy's parents in Long Island. Grammy puts EVERYTHING away and the girls pretty much have the run of the house, which they love. Their main source of fun are these plastic wine glasses with a bright fruit print all over them, that you would use with sangria and the like. The cups are pretty big and they have a big wide base, and each base is a different color. (I wish I had a picture of them, but I didn't think.) They look for them each trip - and they fight over them OF COURSE! The funny part is the cup and the base come apart all the time! Within the first day of our visit, the bottoms are strewn all over the floor and the girls just run around with the cup part, and wood spoons, and tupperware, and just pretend to stir. Then, when we leave - Lorraine and Ed gather the remains of the cups, crazy glue them back together, and get them ready for our next visit!

We had a great weekend - we went to a neighbor's BBQ, the girls went for a walk with Grammy & Poppy, we went to visit the girls' great-grandmother, Nana, - and of course they ran all around the backyard and played with Kasey the husky. Andy and I usually get to sneak out for a date-night - which we are so appreciative of! (Thank you, Mom & Dad!)

Below is a slideshow of our Long Island Adventures - my camera died so these pics are from Andy's dad. Enjoy!

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