Catching up

Last we left, we were down the shore visiting my Aunt Audrey and Uncle John. We have been going down the first weekend of August for the past two years now - and we have such a fun time.

Last year we brought the girls to the beach, but they were really too young to enjoy it. This year more than made up for that! We all went in the water, Andy dug a hole to China (Katie visited and came back), and Maddie ate so much sand she pooped it out for the next two days (ugh). Of course it wouldn't be our weekend in LBI unless it rained, so we had to hightail it home one day before we all got soaked!

Once the girls go to bed it is "Mexican Train" time - and we have a night of domino playing that Andy takes waaay too seriously. He is in such concentration that it's hard to get his attention to tell him it's his turn! He freely admits it, too - and laughs as he forces himself to relax.

We went on a boat ride - which again went much better than last year. The girls were lost in their life jackets last year, but this year they fit well enough that they weren't too uncomfortable. We went slow at first, but on the way home UJ kicked it up a notch and the girls LOVED going fast.

The girls also go to see their second cousins (who are kids of MY cousin). They loved swimming in the pool and running around in circles throughout the house. My cousin's name is Katie, and one of her daughters is named Maddie - so there was always two heads turning whenever those names were called!

On the way home we stopped at Point Pleasant to walk the boardwalk and go to the aquarium ... but that's a post for another time.

Thank you, Aunt Audrey & Uncle John for a great weekend!

Enjoy the slideshow below!


Kerry McGrath said...

I'm so glad to see the blog again!

Have fun on Long Island this weekend!

xoxo, K

Kerry McGrath said...
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Sue said...

Sounds like so much fun! Glad the girls enjoyed it all!