What I've been doing while I've not been blogging

Well, hello there. Haven't seen you in a while. I know ... I know ... I've been a tad remiss in updating this blog lately, but that's only because I have craziness in my life right now and I am waiting for it to settle down.

When we last left off I was visiting my Aunt Audrey and Uncle John down in Long Beach Island. Then the counter on my site was having problems on their end and it shut down my site (and others) for a while. I think it took a few days to fix itself, and I couldn't access my page either - but by then my daily habit of blogging had slipped, and once I lose a good habit, bad habits start to sneak in. Like room escape games, and LOST, and recaps of shows I am interested in but can't be bothered watching. So instead of blogging about the inner most intracies of our life - I instead choose to veg on wiki.

So, I will be back tomorrow with more laughs, insights, and plain old entertainment for y'all!

Here's a few pics to keep you happy 'til then ...

OIdies, but goodies! I love the baby girls!


Audrey Lois said...

Welcome back Rosemarie! We had a great visit at your house yesterday!! Love from Aunt Audrey
Love those precious kids!

Kerry McGrath said...

Rosemarie, those are some great photos of the girls! I'll need to ask you how I can go about developing some of them for myself for my "wallflowers'" wall in my cubicle! Love, Kerry