A Visit from Aunt Kerry

We had such a fun afternoon last Friday when my Aunt Kerry came over to visit. (It's weird calling her "Aunt" since she is only 5 years older than, me - I usually just call her Kerry!) She has half-day Fridays during the summer so she came over after work to spend some time with the Katie & Maddie. The girls are usually very shy when someone comes over, so I told Kerry to just get down and start playing if you want them to be comfortable around you ... and she did!

They played "building" ...

And played "the game" (the term they use for this particular game only ... apparently to them it's the only game that exists in the universe) ...

And she just goofed around with them, which they love!

Thank you for coming over, Aunt Kerry! Come back to play with us again soon!

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Kerry McGrath said...

Hi there Ro: I forgot to write to thank you again for lunch & dinner as I was stuck in the non-air-conditioned hot box & didn't do anything on the computer all weekend! I really had a lot of fun w/ you & the girls. Sorry for the yawning...it wasn't you....I was overtired/overheated! Trust that I'll be back to visit again & again - the girls are just precious!!!! Love, Kerry