Welcome - I begin again!

Welcome! I am sure many of you remember that when the girls were first born I posted pictures of them daily ... and then weekly ... and then twice a month if I was lucky. (Two babies on the move seems to take up a lot of time for some strange reason.) I eventually gave it up but always missed it.

I have decided to begin again. Not that I any more free time now than I did then, but Katie and Maddie are 2 now and this house is baby-proofed enough that I don't have to hover over their every move. They still take one nap a day - Katie will stay down between an hour & 1/2 to 2 hours, while Maddie still gives me a good 3 hours at least. I am usually on the computer during that time anyway getting things done (i.e. checking freecycle or catching up on Twin Club happenings) so now one of those things will be this blog.

So as I said - welcome - and enjoy.


Kerry McGrath said...

This is a great picture! I'm so excited that you have the site up again! I love seeing photos of the girls! Great job, Rosemarie! Love to Andy! Love, Kerry

Anonymous said...

Hi Ro - thanks for sending me this site. It was really fun to see. I never saw your blog when the girls were younger. I will save this and keep up with it. We are planning on starting one ourselves when we move overseas. The girls are TOO cute!!!!! I love their bangs :) Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Love, Cousin Erin

Susan McGrath said...

Hi Rose and Andy,
Great web site with beautiful pictures. Will continue to follow Katie and Maddie in photos.