Old MacDonald Had a Farm

A few weeks ago we were invited to a birthday party by twin boys at a local farm (Happy Birthday Carlo & Anthony!). At first the girls were a little nervous, but they got into it pretty quick. It was great - they each got a ride on a horse (made ME more nervous than them!) ...
(Katie is the top pic and Maddie is the bottom)

They got to pet a rabbit - Katie said "Bunny sooo cute!"

Then they were able to feed some of the animals corn ... first the chickens ...

... then the goats and a cow.

Maddie did really well - she stood still and held her hand open and waited for the animals to come to her. Katie couldn't get the hang of holding her hand open - she would open it too soon and all the corn would fall. She didn't really care too much, though, because they had her favorite thing in the world there ...

Give that child a slide and all is well with the world.

Maddie meticulously tried to separate the hay and move it from one pile to the next. It was a wonderful time and I hope we can bring them again soon!

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