Summer is here - and the deer poop is gone

The deer and I have a love/not-love relationship. Love: watching them gracefully wander into our yard. Not-love: watching them poop in our yard. Solution: FENCE! We finally did what we have been talking about since we moved here last August: we put up a fence. I am not an outdoors girl (as many of you know) but I try my best. I don't want my girls to have my "bug/mud/too-much-sun-is-really-bad-for-you phobias" so I was looking forward to our yard (after coming from a townhouse) to introduce them into the big green world. What I did not expect was the deer poop everywhere! So this morning Andy cut the lawn, scooped up all the poop (apologies for continuing to say that word) that was left from before the fence went up, and did some lawn maintenance.

This has been the first weekend of having the fence and beautiful weather and we took full advantage of it!

So, apologies to the deer, and apologies to our neighbors who now have them more than before ... but the indoors-girl in me loved every minute of it!

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Kerry McGrath said...

Hi, this may be my third comment...I'm not sure how this whole Blogging thing works out! Love the site! The girls remind me so much of the photos of me by my little pool in my backyard growing up -- I'll have to see if I have any pictures that I can show you! Wish Andy a Happy Daddy Day! Ro, let me know when I can come by to pick up Stephen's pampered chef stuff & visit, etc. Love ya, Kerry