We love our Playroom

When we first moved to our new house, it needed (and still needs) a lot of updating. I liked the split level design because of the room one level down off the kitchen. I knew we would turn it into a playroom and be able to hear the girls all the time. However, the walls and ceiling in that room had a "stucco swirl" design that I just did not like. We knew when we were looking at the house that those walls and ceiling were coming down immediately. All these pictures are from last year.

Before. You can sort of see the pattern on the walls and ceiling.

First the room was gutted with help from Andy's friend Anthony. Thank you Anthony!

Putting in the recessed lighting - it took me forever to decide how many lights I wanted. I finally settled on 4, although 3 would probably have been enough.

Anthony and Andy putting up the ceiling. Later, Andy replaced ALL the insulation before the walls went up.

My brother Eric came over to help with walls. Then he came over every day for about 2 weeks to spackle, put up crown molding, and make new shelves for the built in little bookcase. Thank you, Eric!

We had to have a new floor poured, because the room was sinking - so I marked the occasion for all time.

Once the room was all painted and carpeted, Andy and my mom had the lovely task of moving all the furniture downstairs. Thank you, Mom!


After! The girls have their beautiful playroom - it gets wonderful light during the day - and Andy and I have a great TV room at night.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out! There was no way that we could have done it alone!

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