They have discovered teamwork ... (Oh no!)

The girls finished their breakfast this morning (which ALWAYS consists of milk, 2 eggs, banana, and some other fruit) quite easily. It is not unusual for them to fight and whine through it some mornings, or in Katie's case cry from beginning to end (while stuffing her face). But happily this morning was a pleasure.

They were both running around the kitchen when Maddie went up to the fridge and put her hands on the freezer door (it is a bottom pull out freezer, so the handle runs horizontally). Katie followed, put her hands on the handle, and Maddie said, "1, 2, 3 ..." Katie said, "Pull." And open it came.

My life has now entered a new chapter. I'll be in the bedroom crying if anyone needs me.


Kristen said...

Aww! That is so adorable. It was great seeing you guys today! =) See you again soon.

Katie Mullen said...

They are so funny.