Maddie loves to talk. Half the time I think she is speaking gibberish, then I recognize a line from "Oobi" or a new favorite, "Max & Ruby." She will be sitting there, quiet as can be, then start shouting, "Rollerskates! Max! Not! Tow-truck!" with a HUGE smile on her face. The other day is was, "DO YOU BELIEEEEEEEEVE?!?!?" That one scared me until I realized it was from "The Big Comfy Couch." The exclamation point is her favorite adjective.

She also speaks from the point of view of the person she is talking to, usually me. (Katie actually does this, too.) So instead of "Help me," I hear, "Mama help you?" in little desperate voices all day long.

A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen getting their lunch ready and I sort of hear Maddie grunting and squeaking. I yell out to them, "What's going on?" because usually when I ask them that they settle down. They are usually just fighting over something. Silence. I hear it her making noise again not a minute later. She's not calling for me - so I just let it go.

I finally go down to open the gate and I see her on the floor, twisted up in a kiddie chair - feet through the braces between the legs - laying on her side - the works. I look at her and say "What happened?" with my hands up at my shoulders.

She says, "Are you stuck?" with that HUGE smile on her face. It comes out "Aaww you stuck" and she looks adorable.

I scoop her up, give her big wet kisses and say, "Mama help you."

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