Super "T"!

Katie likes things. She likes to hold things ... as many as possible. When I change her diaper, she first has to gather 2 or 3 things to take on the table with her. She holds them and shows them to me, and of course the world will end if Maddie ever takes them from her.

I bought a Lego table for the backyard at a garage sale ($3!) and it came with a bunch of Legos. We keep them outside rain or shine and they hold up fine. The girls love to do "building" with them, but mostly Katie. Last week we went outside on a gorgeous breezy day and it was "Katie building T". She made a letter T.

She then proceeded to bring the T with her on every toy in the backyard. It was "T slide", "T swing", "T climb".
Poor T kept falling apart, so it would then be "Mama fix T" - which I did about 20 times. I would have done it 200 more to keep that smile on her face.

Viva la T!

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