"Shed"ding the Pounds (from the garage)

Andy loves a good project. He loves doing things himself (when he has the time, that is) and nothing is too big! His latest project is our new shed. I wanted to be able to park the minivan in the garage during the winter and during the nicer months have it be an extension of the driveway for the girls to play in as they get older. My brother, Eric, recommended a Rubbermaid shed for all Andy's lawn toys - so off we went to The Home Deep. Andy and my mom put it up this weekend, and it went up really quickly - and then they got to the roof. Apparently "this" piece had to fit into "that" one and it took them a while to sort it all out. But they did a great job and it came out wonderful!

Because we are a bit of a rolling hill, Andy and my Uncle Pat built a platform to place the shed on so it would be level. (Thanks, Uncle Pat!)

Andy then put planks on it and then the base of the shed.

He-Man and She-ra (Andy and my mom) brought the walls and ceiling over the area one-by-one. (Thanks, Mom!)

Putting up the walls and the center beam for the roof.

I still have to take a picture of the finished product! Stay tuned!

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Kerry McGrath said...

Way to go He-Man and She-Ra (aka Andy and Lucy)!!! It looks great! Can't wait to see the finished project!