Thank you Grandma, Grammy & Poppy!

I know I said this in my last post, but Andy and I could not do half the things we do if it weren't for our parents. They are ALWAYS willing and wanting to be with the girls - and often shoo us out of the house just to be with them alone (and feed them ice cream). From day one they have helped us with feeding, holding, playing, and everything in between with the girls.

Below is a slideshow of the pictures they took while Andy and I were in Connecticut. After seeing these I will never feel bad again about leaving them for a few days - they had a blast.


Kerry said...

That was such a lovely slideshow with the music playing in the background! Your girls are going to get a real kick out of all of the memories you are storing for them! They really do love their grandparents!

Lucia said...

Katie & Maddie -- we had such fun while mommy & daddy were away. I know we had MORE FUN than they did. You were the BEST little girls. Grandma loves you.