They may have won the battle, but ...

Andy's attempt at sippy cups:

7:30 am: Pitter patter of little feet running in the kitchen. Giggle giggle.

7:31: Clicking of the high chair straps. "Ba-ba?"

7:33: Crying. "No cup!"


7:40: Banging - cups falling - kids wailing. Strangly, no sound from Andy.

7:41: Complete and utter silence.

Back to basic training, Private Carroll.


Andrea said...

Rose, I love reading your blog...it brings back such memories of Kris and Kate at that age...the battles of the bottles and binkies around the same time...but sooner or later they all manage...... we just go crazy in the meantime...:) Andrea

The Carrolls said...

Andrea - awesome! So glad you like it. We twin moms have to stick together!