Oh, I want this part to be over. So very badly.

I finally have the girls convinced that their beloved ba-ba's are "broken," which Katie repeats forlonly but matter-of-factly several times a day. She sighs in the middle of coloring, "Ba-ba broken," and resumes with her favorite color yellow.

However - now I am dealing with a liquid strike of sorts. Maddie barely peed at all yesterday, which of course sent me straight to the phone to call their doctor (who I love to death)...

"Is she dehydrating?"

Chuckle. "No."

"They aren't getting any calcium now!" (I don't have a single cavity and I think my brothers each have one - and I am determined for that gene to be passed along to the girls. I know ... that's been predetermind - nature vs. nurture, etc.)

Chuckle. "Give them an extra yogurt. Give them their vitamins."

Through this conversation, Maddie consumed two cups of water/juice mix. Good - now at least dehydration is off my mind.

Katie is a bit easier to deal with - I have resorted to holding her in my arms and she will drink a good portion of her milk that way. She isn't crazy about holding it on her own, though. Case in point: yesterday morning she bit down on the sippy cup spout and pulled the cup part down. Cup opens - milk everywhere - she is soaking wet sitting in a puddle of milk in her high chair. Ugh. Andy, my knight in shining armor, gives her a bath before getting ready for work.

Don't even talk to me about potty training.

Poll: Which cup is the best? Leave me a comment! I need to know!

The moment where it all began .... (Maddie on top, Katie on bottom)


Andrea said...

K & K did much better with the cups with straws (the cups also had tops with a tiny hole) rather than the typical sippy cups. (Disney Store has fancy ones) The straws were pronounced as being "growed' up." They didn't have to be tilted so there was less a chance for a spill. Plus when we went out, most places have cups with tops and straws as part of their kids' meals...

Kerry said...

It's in the genes. Your father never had a cavity....and if he did....he got it in his 50's, I'm sure. I've never had a cavity either.....knock on wood.

Nice to see them when they were "little" - it seems so long ago...but it was only a moment ago!
xxox, Kerry

Ivonne said...

I find that all these sippy cups are nice at first and then begin to leak after time. I am going to try next the Thermos straw type cups.

Ivonne C