Ladies of Leisure

A few months into my pregnancy with the twins, I looked at Andy and said "uncle." I was barely getting through the day with the headaches and pure and utter exhaustion and told him no matter how much we had to cut our budget I wanted to stay home. He said fine, and within three weeks I was done with work. My doctor actually credits my not working to the fact that the girls were born almost full term, I had no pregnancy complications, and they were such good weights. (Although he didn't endorse it - I have to be honest! He told me to keep going.)

My friend Carol went through the same thing. When she was pregnant they were also moving and completely remodeling their new home and she stopped working to become, as Andy loved to call her, "The Foreman." She was dealing with contractors and decisions all the time and she needed to be available during the day.

My mom nicknamed us "ladies of leisure" although we were anything but! Carol was going nuts with the new house and I was out for the count most of the day. I look back on it now and wonder why we didn't go out more - we were on the phone constantly anyway. We did manage a few outings around Christmas to do shopping, but it was ridiculous the way we would just waddle around the mall looking for the closest bathroom. If I wanted to stop and look at something she would keep going - mainly because it wouldn't take me long to catch up with her! (Here's a pic of us at her babyshower...)

Anyway - now we have our little girls and although we still may not get together as much as we'd like (life has a way of doing that) when we DO hang out the girls have a great time. Sydney watches in awe as Katie and Maddie beat the living life out of each other while Carol says a prayer of thanks that she doesn't have twins. But when they start to play - or hold hands - or walk together - it is precious.

Last week Carol and Sydney came over to go swimming in our kiddie pools. Now, my girls and I love the cold in every way, shape, and form. Carol and Sydney love the heat. (Carol and I classify the day as a "Carol Day" or a "Rosie Day" based on how cool it is out.) So ... I fill up our pools when we go out there -and they are cold! Carol fills her kiddie pool up a few hours before so that it is nice and warm. So when I filled up the pool, Sydney thought it was too cold while my girls were splashing away. I have two little plastic adirondack chairs, so I put them in the pool and the three of them of them thought that was just the greatest thing ever. Sydney went in and sat on a chair and was happy. Katie sat in a chair and was happy. Maddie had the rest of the pool to herself and was thrilled. Carol and I agreed they looked like little old ladies sitting there - and so THEY are the NEW "Ladies of Leisure."

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