I Love This Picture!

This picture is great. It totally shows the girls and their personalities in so many ways!

Katie is a drama queen. Many people think it, I actually say it. She freaks out at the smallest things - the other night she started screaming because she couldn't eat spaghetti ("cobetti") with a spoon. It wasn't that I wouldn't give her the spoon - she had one - she just couldn't figure it out and it frustrated her to no end. But along with the drama is perseverance and spirit. She will do something over and over until she gets it - and will say "Mama helps you" if she needs me. She also loves to dress up - she picked out that outfit herself - down to the bells on her ankles. The hat is too small for her but she HAD TO HAVE IT and we squished it down. She is such an individual and I hope she never loses that.

Maddie is a stubborn one. She cannot be persuaded to do something she does not want to do. When I want to change her diaper and call her over to the changing table, she flings herself onto the closest object and sighs/grunts loudly. I copy her and start flinging myself all over the place, too, and that cracks her up - she laughs in a hearty belly laugh like Tim the Toolman Taylor - but she still is not coming to the changing table. She is still my baby in many ways and is a little rag doll. She loves to "flop", as you can see above, if we are trying to get her to go somewhere or do something she doesn't want to - she just relaxes all her muscles and falls to the floor. But her concentration level is amazing - and once she gets involved in a task she stays there a good while. She takes a book and says, "I reading" and will mumble her way through it. If it's a book we read a lot she remembers and recites most of it as she turns the pages. Her memory is great.

I always wonder what they will be like when they get older - I can't wait to see.

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Kerry said...

I mimic Katie all the time since I last came to see you guys. "Mommy's COOKING!" (This was when you were getting their lunch ready & Maddie was just hanging back & Katie was at the gate....) So I do this all the time when I'm with Stephen & now he's doing it too.

Your children are addictive on so many levels!!!!