My Non-Living Room

I have no living room furniture. When we were in the townhouse (I miss that place sooo much) it was a big open floor plan. I love no-walls. The space for the living room was nice and big and the space for the dining room was nice and small. I only had dining room furniture - so I switched things up. We used the dining room space as a TV room, and then the girls' playroom when they came along. We ended up buying a loveseat, an ottoman, an end table, and a TV cabinet for that space.

Here is one view of my dining room (that is really a living room). It was decorated for Christmas, before the girls came along obviously. I loved to decorate for each season and holiday. Now, (1) I don't have the energy anymore, (2) half of these things are still tucked away in boxes, and (3) the girls would wreak havoc on this room in a matter of seconds.

This was the TV room - tiny tiny tiny. But it was cozy and I loved it!

So when we moved into our current house - and finally fixed up the playroom - we moved this couch (and ottoman) in there, and that was the only couch we owned. (OK - I lie. We had a hideous couch from Andy's bachelor days - but having no couch at all was better than that one. We freecycled it.)

Below is a picture of my inspiration living room. The colors and patterns may be a bit different (I am more into yellows and greens) and I like my wood a little more natural, but I love the FEEL of the room in this picture. I like nice clean lines and bright white moldings. I would do anything for those windows.

I found this next picture online. It perfectly states why I will not be furnishing or decorating my living room until the girls are in HS.


Audrey Lois said...

Great photos Ro!

Beverlee said...

You have great sensibilities, along with a great sense of humor. You would be a great correspondant for one of the morning news shows... like GMA !

Kerry Marie McG said...

I love your house but I really do miss your townhouse also! Love Little Daisy under the couch! Love how my sisters and me are listed chronologically - we need to get Susan to actually TYPE on here & not just look at that pictures!