Lil' Pumpkins picking pumpkins

Below is a slideshow of our pumpkin picking adventure. It was a nice day - not too cold. (I remember last year we went in the middle of an October heatwave. It was like 95 degrees. Yuck.)

Maddie has not been doing well on outings lately and cried about 90% of the time we were out. She smiled on the horse and when we first took the hay ride to the pumpkin patch - but we ended up cutting the day short. I have to remind myself that we have years and years of outings ahead of us and not to push them too much now.

Katie had a blast! The farm had a huge mountain made out of haybales and Katie had no problem climbing right to the tippity-top. She is fascinated with older kids and she would stand next to one of them and look up in admiration. It was so cute.

We got two very nice pumpkins - and I can't wait to go again next year. Below is a slideshow of that day. Enjoy!


Kerry Marie McG said...

I love the little denim jackets!!!

Beverlee said...

The pigtails and the denim jackets! :o)

2sweetnsaxy said...

I really enjoyed this post and the one below. At least one of them had a great time. It shows. :-)