It was SEW easy!

(Just sent Andy off with my camera - and I haven't downloaded pictures of yesterday yet. I'll get them up ASAP when he gets home! In the meantime ... )

I had a garage sale a few years ago and made $250. Not too shabby. I knew I wanted a sewing machine - so off to Target we went. Oh how I love Target. Except if I knew then what I know now, I would have gone to the sewing maching store here in town and got a wee-bit more advice on what to purchase for my needs. I want to quilt. Badly. But I don't have the special attachment that is needed to keep the top and bottom of my quilt together when I sew ... too complicated. I have a few quilt TOPS - but they aren't attached to anything.

I took a sewing class and learned how to work with a pattern - three years later I am finally able to use this knowledge. I decided that before I have 8 years of "I want to be a princess" (times two) ahead of me, I wanted these girls to be cowgirls. Easy right? I could get most of the costume out of their closet - get them a hat and a vest and be all done. Then I had the idea of making their vests myself. Off to Joanne's I went (I'm always off to somewhere) - found awesome cowprint fabric, some fringe, and a pattern. I could do this.

First I got my favorite tool, it's like a pizza cutter for fabric. Awesome.

Then I pinned my pattern in place. I was so proud of myself that I remembered to pin the back of the vest on the fabric fold - I caught it at the last minute!

All cut out ...

Pinned 1/4 inch for the armholes. I don't have any pictures of me actually sewing at this stage. I was concentrating too hard. (Eeew - I think I need a new ironing board cover.)

The tension in my bobbin was WAY off - this was what I cut out of the back of one of the pieces once I started sewing. I was mightily annoyed.

Here is the fringe! It totally makes the vest. My mom said just the vests alone made them look like they worked at Wal-Mart. "Cool!" I thought, "Do Moms get a discount?"

On went the fringe - love it.

I had enough fabric left over that I was able to make them trick-or-treat bags, too. Super cool.

Finished product! Katie was a trooper - she was my model and kept trying it on for me to make sure I had the measurements correct.

I am open for business. Who needs a wedding dress ... ? Anyone?


Audrey Lois said...
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Kerry Marie McG said...

Rosemarie, this is fantastic! I had to take a sewing class at Mother Seton & I was horrible at it! My mother made the best hems...but nothing beyond that. She did like to knit though (until the cats got into the yarn!) Your Mom was wonderful with all things creative - she made that red dress that you & I both wore - I'm sure you remember that one! She also made me a big box of Barbie clothes! I still have them - I need to dig them out for your girls now! Yeah, you can make me a wedding dress...LOL....I think I'll let enough alone. I'm sure with years of practice, you just might be ready to make them for Katie & Maddie! Stephen and I are looking forward to the Halloween pictures, and also looking forward to seeing you soon. Hope this finds you well! Love, Kerry & Stephen

Darla said...

Okay, so now my costumes looks cheesy!! Great job.

Aunt Nata said...

Hurry Hurry I want to see the girls in costume!!