Again with a calendar!

The ancient calendar makers are haunting me.

I want to move the calendar's base of operation off the wall and to the refrigerator. It's on the same wall as the kitchen table now and I have to take it off the wall to write on it and then lean over to put it back. I was at my friend's house and she had this great sturdy magnetic holder for her calendar, with room for pens, etc. and I was instantly smitten. I ordered this from Current. It has huge spaces for writing, and each month has a pocket for receipts and such.

I liked all the headings ... nothing too scary for Andy ...

Here is the holder - I cropped the hooks off by accident ...

Nice, right? Perfect for a busy family.

It came today - and it came backwards.

It starts at December. I thought, "Cool - a nice way to end 2008." Then it goes to November ... then October ... I did a double take. I looked at it a couple times just to be sure. So I called Current and asked them, it this the way their calendars are? The woman chuckled at me and said NO and is sending me a new one!

Who have I offended, oh Calendar Ancients? Who do I apologize to???


Beverlee said...

Never apologize! You are Doris and Cyril's grandchild ! You made the phone call, were cordial and are now getting the correct item. It's a drag being surrounded by idiots, isn't it?

Darla said...

That is a cool calendar. Glad you are getting a new one that's corrected. Yeah, it looks like Andy might be able to handle this one. Hope the calendar god forgives you!

Katy said...

Glad you got a new calendar. Poor Andy, he was being haunted. Eeeeek!!

Sue said...

Rose, when I was at your point of life my calendar was my lifeline! I really wasn't any good at making plans without that calendar. It's funny they came out with all these electronic devices to take the place, but seeing that big old calendar is still the best for me. This one that you are getting looks great!