Watery Wednesday #3 (#1 for me!)

I am starting to participate in "Watery Wednesday." Each week, on Wednesday of course, I will post a picture of the girls involving water - and trust me, there are a million to choose from.

Here are pictures from their very first bath - and I think Andy and I absorbed most of the water that day. You wouldn't know it from these shots, but the girls ABSOLUTELY LOVE taking baths now. If I am having a really hard day with them and have run out of ideas of things to do - we take a bath. They have fun playing in the water, and I read a magazine until I see little blue lips. (OK - it doesn't get THAT bad, but they do get old-man-wrinkled-fingers.)




Darla said...

Oh sweet is that?

Carletta said...

What a cute watery post!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Awwww! How cute and it's a fun watery post. Thank you for joining Watery Wednesday! :-)

Denise said...

Adorable photos. Just so very cute.

Rosemarie said...

So glad you like them guys - and welcome to my new readers! ;)

Beverlee said...

You ARE the best Mom EVER !!!

I would like to invite myself for a visit just as soon as you have a Sunday afternoon ... but not this weekend. Going to the City for my quarterly theater and steak dinner extravaganza! I am GOOD to myself !