Our Daisy

My family got our first cat when I was 16 years old. She was a black, gray, and white tabby and her name was Minnie. She was the cutest thing - she loved to cuddle and "knead the bread." (If you have a cat who does this, you know what I mean!)

We had to put Minnie to sleep in 2002 when she was about 15 years old because she had cancer. It was the saddest day - I held her until the end. She was such a wonderful cat and was very close to my mom - she had to leave the room. My brother Eric and Minnie would play chase/peek-a-boo around doorways - and whenever she would hear his diesel truck from a block away she would run to the window that overlooked the driveway to see him pull in.

Minnie was great - and I always knew another cat was in my future - and it was a tribute to her that my memories of having a flirty feline were so wonderful. When Andy and I got married we decided to settle in to our townhouse and adopt a cat after the new year.

You know what they say, "Man plans, God laughs."

We were in our townhouse for a few months, and I was teaching high school at the time. I was walking down the hall during one of my periods off and someone said, "There's the cutest cat in the guidance office." Of course, I had to go look. No intentions of anything else - just taking a peek.

I walked in and there were a ton of kids in there (um, class?) and the cat was in a box. I look into this box and there was this teeny tiny ball of black fluff. She looked like the stuffing that fell out of a pillow. She was mewing and crying and I picked her up. Turns out one of the guidance counselors had heard her crying for a day or two - and his office was over the boiler room. He and a maintenance man went down there - lost her out a vent - and one of them chased her around the quad until he caught her.

I held her - and picked up the phone. I began to blubber and sputter out the whole story to Andy - we HAD to take this cat home - she's FREE - she's a little BABY. He sighed and said yes. (Later he told me that he was like, "What the heck was I supposed to say? NO?")

I brought her to Minnie's vet and $250 of shots and tests and cleanings later (Andy: "She's free, huh?")- we brought home our newest kitty. I called her Daisy Duck, since technically Minnie's name was Minnie Mouse, and it just made sense.

It took her weeks to come near us. But when she did she NEVER left my side. Andy grew up with dogs (I am NOT a dog person) so he wanted to wrestle and tease and play. She is wary of that man to this day. I would just sit there with her and pet her and scratch her and we would just BE. It got to the point that she would bother us all night while we were trying to sleep, so we had to keep her in the (finished) basement at night. When I was pregnant with the girls I stopped working in my first trimester and would sleep and sleep. Andy would let Daisy out of the basement each morning and she would run up to our room, crawl under the covers with me, and we would spend the whole morning like that. I miss those days! :)

When the girls came, I was worried. But Daisy is scared of them (wonder why, the crazies) and she's never once bothered them. Daisy and I don't have our morning naps together anymore (we both miss those!), but she snuggles up with me when I am watching TV at night - or sits and watches while I fold laundry. The girls call her name and try to pet her - she usually runs away. But I know that as they get older and calmer she will open up to them more - and I can't wait to see them all snuggled up on the couch together one day.

Here are some pictures of our first Little Girl ... enjoy!


Kerry Marie McG said...

I miss Minnie too! Sweet girl!
I do love your little Daisy girl too!
Are you surprised??? I hope to have another girl someday. I sure do miss my Janey!
Thanks for posting Daisy Girl!

Audrey Lois said...

Daisy cat is beautiful! I enjoy seeing her when I come to visit.

Beverlee said...

Your Grandma Doris thought it was so cute that Lucy became a cat person and the sweetest part was that Lucy named the cat Minnie. Grandma Doris had a cat named Minnie once as well. But, of course, your Mom and Grandma Doris were the best of freinds, so it really wasn't a suprise! I have met Daisy only briefly, she's so stelth like ! :o) I love the pic of Daisy in the tree ! It would make a great Christmas card ! Mind if I borow it !!? ;o) I also rememeber a Christmas time when your Mon couldn't locate Minnie and then finally found her all snuggled in the tree ! My sweet Elliot is now 16 yrs of age. He is doing very well still and although he sometimes yells at me (and then I call him Yelliot!) he is the best of all the boys! I do also hope that Maddie and Katie will come to know Daisy soon and appreciate pussycats ! They are truly on of God's gifts to mankind!

Coop said...

Hi Rosemarie, I am your Aunt Audrey's cousin-once-removed (sort of, technically John's but we are all family). Anyway I caught your link from her site (your girls are gorgeous, btw - so are you! LOL) - and I totally know what you mean about being a cat person. It seems like you feel like the way about Daisy the way I do about my two - Napoleon Dynamite and Cassiopeia (aka Cassie) - they are just my darlings. But I also know what you mean about not being a dog person - I like BIG dogs, but live in such a tiny place, I could never keep up with the "maintenance" of them. I do like dogs though - I hate explaining to people who are not "cat people" though - they look at me like I'm one cat away from being crazy cat lady...well, sort of, I am (LOL). Take care! :-)