Our Daisy - Addendum

I may have inadvertantly offended my dog-lovin' pals in my last post. That was not what I meant at all! I am so sorry!!!

When I said I was "not a dog person" - I meant I would rather have a cat than a dog as a pet. Many of my family and friends have dogs and I can see how much fun they would be - and I pet them and say hi and talk cutie to them - but I am very glad to retreat at the end of the day to my feline abode. I think I have a slight fear of dogs - big ones especially - and trust me - I am going out of my way to not instill that fear in the girls. Just as I am trying to not instill the fear of bugs, dirt, germs, snakes, burgundy clothes, cherry wood, Yo Gabba Gabba, not changing your socks three times a day, etc. in them as well.

Here are some pics of Katie and Maddie with Kasey - Andy's parent's husky. She is the sweetest thing - the girls love her up close - and I love her at slighty more of a distance!


Darla said...

Children learn alot from animals, you are a good Mom!

Kerry Marie McG said...

Cats still rule - LOL!

Beverlee said...

Dogs are very, very cool and I love them. HOWEVER.... cats are the coolest! They are independant and don't NEED that much from us. We love them because we decide to. Dogs, on the other hand NEED love and attention and work. Don't get me wrong... if I had the time and space, I would be on the list to adopt greyhounds who are no longer "useful", ya know? I see many of them in Westfield walking happily with their loving owners and I am certain these wonderful dogs are being well taken care of. At times it brings a tear to my eye. I think it is hideous how those Florida dog racers use and then discard this beautiful breed.