Time to myself? Priceless ... (or ... The Bib Adventure)

About a week ago I couldn't find our cat. "What?" you say, "You have a cat?" Yes, we do - her name is Daisy - and I just realized I have not once blogged about the adorable creature that she is and how she came into our lives. That's a blog for another day.

Anyway ... couldn't find the cat. I looked in all the usually places - including the closets - I have been known to unintentionally close her into a closet all day long. I did this twice when she was only a few months old - ALL DAY while I was teaching - poor thing. She is a bIack cat and just blends in with the shadows. I felt so bad! She was a good girl and didn't relieve herself all day either time. I check the closets all the time now before I shut the door.

Anyway ... couldn't find the cat. Then I did ...

There she is ... all cuddled up in a ball in probably the softest place in the house: the girls' bib basket. Ugh.

I let her stay for a while - because she is the cutest thing and I love her - and when she finally left I washed the whole basket of bibs and burb cloths. Burb cloths? The girls are 2 1/2 - we don't need those anymore - as well as about 20 bibs that were stuffed at the bottom that no longer fit their necks. So I sorted and separated and bagged up the bibs and burp cloths that I wouldn't need again for a couple more years. I don't have a picture of this stage - because why would I?

Now I wish I did! Here is the latest state of said "too small" bibs, et al:

Katie and Maddie have been playing with them for over half-an-hour! As I type! They found two bowls in the cabinet and have been transferring the bibs back and forth. They are falling on the floor - getting sprinkled with juice - stepped on. Will I have to wash and pack them up all over again? Sure. Do I care? Nope. Totally worth a half hour of peace.



Rosemarie said...

The bibs definitley need to be washed now. They are being dragged all over the house - Katie just said, "I'll get some more!" while Maddie is making little grunting noises like, "This is soo heavy - I need to get my bearings."

I just took about 20 more pics of this adventure. I'll post then when the girls nap.

And yes, Mom, it's 11am and we are still in our pajamas! :) hehe

Audrey Lois said...

How about WASH TIME????

Darla said...

How cute is that?! Let 'em play, they will only be 2 1/2 once. To your mom: having to get up and dressed right way to get out the door will come soon enough!! hehe

kerry mcgrath said...

I used to wash the washcloths for fun when I little! Seriously!

2sweetnsaxy said...

What a cute story. Cats - I think it's kind of cute the places they find to sit or curl up.