A-Z on Mondays: M is for Maddie! AND .... Happy Birthday to My Girls!!!

Lots of business today!

FIRST ... Happy Birthday to my little girls!!!
Katie and Maddie are three years old today! It is a crappy rainy day here - but we are celebrating inside. We had a kiddie party Saturday night with their cousins and I'll post all about it tomorrow!

SECOND ... We are at M in our A-Z journey - and of course today is all about Maddie.

Today was Maddie's first day of school. I always knew that I would separate the girls once they started school - and I even went so far as to find different schools for them. Their needs are so different and I wanted to make sure that they would each be in the best environment for them.

Maddie likes small groups. She really gets absorbed in her tasks and doesn't flit from one activity to the next. Her memory is amazing - she can recite whole books from beginning to end after only reading them once or twice!

So I found a school for her that has a very small student/teacher ratio - in fact there are only 5 other kids in her class. Perfect for Maddie! They take the kids for preschool when they turn three (not just in September - Katie won't start until then) and she didn't have to be potty trained - BONUS! I'll do a more detailed post later this week - but she LOVED it today. Her smiles do not lie! :)

My heart was breaking when I left her at school today - but I am so excited to see her blossom. I have always said that Katie is my "big girl" and Maddie is my "baby" - and my baby is growing up. I am totally crying again.

From birth to today ... Maddie ...

This last picture was taken this just this afternoon as she was getting off the bus!

I love you forever, baby.

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Darla said...

Oh, I feel for ya girl!

Audrey Lois said...

How sweet! Before you know it they will be walking down the aisle!

Cassie said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!! Happy Birthday Katie, too!! Such nice pictures that are dedicated to a very special M.

reliv4life said...

yea Maddie!!!!!!

Tamara Mitchell said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!!! What a beautiful girl with great hair!

Visiting from Mults and more!!

Margaret said...

My baby is away in college, and I still remember the day that you had today. It's a special and emotional time.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!!!
My smile grew with each picture, and then a tear as I remembered those days too. It's all good! :)

Ben said...

I was gonna say life is cruel when your first day of school falls on your birthday - but that smile as she's getting off the bus tells me it was OK!

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Maddie & Katie. I hope that they had a great birthday!

It sounds like you had a very emotional day. I am so glad that Maddie did well on her first day of school.

Beverlee said...

I am SOOOOO looking forward to being with you ALL on Easter Sunday!
Gotta warm up the camera batteries!
Aunt Bev!

Living With Loss said...

Happy Birthday girls!!

Lovely photos...look how grown up she looks getting off the bus! No wonder you were crying..


Dawn said...

you had to send her on the BUS??? oh my... what a brave Mommy you are... and a great one, too. your photos of maddie are beautiful... and from your words i can see that you are giving both of your girls such a wonderful gift. God has given them their twin... but you are giving them their own identity (and much more!)

on another note... either you changed your dimensions, or i was mistaken. i can see your pretty flower border here at work :)

Kristen said...

Your blog is adorable!!! Thanks so much for liking my interview!!

~~Mel~~ said...

Happy Birthday girls!!!

I just love all the pics but that last one is priceless. Maddie looks all grown up.

Safire said...

Happy Birthday to your girls!

And I can't believe how big they've gotten in what seems a short amount of time. Where does the time go!?

Yaya said...

Awwwww! Happy Birthday to your babies!!!!!

Liz said...

Aw... happy birthday sweet girls!
Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Living With Loss said...

I have nominated you for the ‘Sisterhood Award’ because you are so courageous and I love your blog!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Wonderful pictures of wonderful girls. I missed this last week...sorry!!
I hope they had a great bday!!

Katy said...

Happy Birthday precious girls!!! Love ya!!!