A-Z on Mondays: F is for "F" and G is for "Godchildren"

Well - I missed last week's F - so I wanted to catch up!

1. F is for F. Don't be confused - I am talking about the sign for the letter F! I taught the girls a bit of sign language from when they were baby babies. I used it when I was talking to them and I had a great picture book I read to them a couple times a day that went over some basic signs, too. We learned a whole bunch of signs like book, house, thank you, please (we still use those two), and a bunch of animals. Also, I would sing and sign the alphabet to them at every meal. The book said they would pick the signs up quickly, and they were right!

We don't do signs as much as we used to - but if I quiz them they still know a lot of them - including the whole alphabet. For some reason, Katie has an affinity for the sign for the letter "F" - which is basically the "OK" sign.

"F" is a bit like her imaginary friend. She puts "F" into all types of situations. And then she tells me what "F" is doing.

"F is a ballderina, Mommy!"

"F is sliding!"

"F is eading the cookie."

"I love F, mommy." (I think I need to start dressing her in something beside this light green shirt ... those were all from different days!)

2. "G" is for Godchildren. When I was in my 20s, I thought I would never have any Godchildren. I had no sisters - and I figured my brothers' future wives would choose Godmothers from their side of the family. Then BANG - over the next few years I was asked to be Godmother to FIVE of the most beautiful children in the world! (I tried to get the most current pictures I could find ...)

First we have Carolina ... her parents are my cousins and his wife. I was so excited! (When she was a baby she looked just like Boo from Monsters, Inc.) And my theory was blown through the roof because my cousin is the guy.

Second is Grace ... her mom was one of my college roommates, and Andy became good friends with her husband, too. I was so surprised about this one! She calls me her Fairy Godmother. Her mom, Jana, is Maddie's Godmother.

Third is the one and only boy, Dominic, - so I can say he is my favorite Godson! I was jumping for joy at this point! His parents are another one of my guy cousins and his wife. (I am really close to her and Carolina's mom, too.)

Fourth is Sydney ... her mom is my partner in crime forever, Carol. We became friends through work and realized that although people would say we are totally different, we lived through many of the same experiences and it brought us really close. We were pregnant at the same time - and we waddled around NJ together. (Sydney is two months older than my girls.) She just turned 3 last month ...

The littlest one is Sofia - she is Grace's younger sister. I am the go-to Godmother for that family! Jana asked me again and I was just as excited as when she asked me to be Gracie's. Sofia is the spitting image of her father.

I love being a Godmother to all these children - and secretly hope there are more to come!

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Darla said...

Well, you do have a lot of yougins' don't you?

Anniebanannie said...

Love these stories! "F" is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your Godchildren are just beautiful! I loved the "F" story. That was too cute!

Cassie said...

F was Fabulous! G was Great!
Did teaching the girls sign slow their talking development at all?Just curious. I picked Godson for my word!! Great minds as they say...he he. Blessings.

Dawn said...

so glad fixed teh trouble!! i found my saved comment from earlier... so:

what a lucky girl you are to have so many lovely little ones! really... an honor to be a Godmother :)

and i love the "f"~ your little sweetie in the green shirt is precious! i hope the other 25 "friends" don't feel left out though!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you are a popular godmommy!