A-Z on Mondays: E is for Ears Pierced

I love this A-Z on Mondays! I get to delve back into my files and post about this that happened before I started this blog.

OK - so I knew I wanted the girls' ears pierced when they were a few months old. My pediatrician was going to do it, he just wanted to wait for them to be 3 month or so. We ended up doing it in September 2006 when they were 5 months old.

Dr. B took us in on Monday night as his last appointment so he wouldn't be rushed. There was only one choice of earring - the little gold ball. Some of my friends had a whole tray of earrings to choose from - even birthstones. I probably would have picked the little gold balls anyway - it's what a first earring should be.

I can't remember who went first, but I remember having both bottle and ... ahem ... mommy ... ready to feed them as soon as the pinch was over. There was crying, yes - but overall I don't remember it being this horrific experience. We knew what to expect.

He drew dots on each ear (which took about 5 minutes per kid - per ear - I kid you not) and then click clicked away.

When we got home, I took pictures of the sides of their heads to get each ear.

Here is Katie ... right ...

... and left. Happy girl!

Now here is Maddie ... left ...
... and right. Wait ... no right?

Nope. No right. When Dr. B did her right ear, I looked at it and said, very sheepishly, as to not hurt his feelings, "I think it's off center." He and the nurse both looked - and sort of agreed. I started FREAKING OUT inside my head. He is a very quiet man and nothing rattles him - but I didn't really know that about him yet, so his quietness was also freaking me out.

Then he said, very matter of factly, "We can do it over."

Aaaaaah - wave of relief flooded through me. He told me to look at it again when we got home and she was calmer and if I still didn't like it, take it out, clean it - let it heal for two weeks and he would do it again.
Which is exactly what we did - hence Maddie the Pirate for two weeks in September.

There were lots of "Ahoy, matie"s and "Yo ho ho"s that month.

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See you next Monday for "F"!


Anonymous said...

So cute. My brother in law and his wife are in a debate whether to pierce their one year old's ears!

Dawn said...

loved these photos adn the story! when i started reading it i thought- oh, smart! now she won't ever have that only-one-ear-pierced-look for months and months!! hahaha!! not mine... because i took another friends advice(make sure you go w=somewhere they can do both at once!) to heart! but my laura's best friend went around with one earring for about six months, which is not too too terrible, considering the advice-giver's daughter went a full year! (the girls were 5)

Cassie said...

Good story. I hope you are putting all your posts on a disc so you can share them with your little ladies when they grow up. I wish there was something like this when Jessica was little....oh yeah,there was, it was called a journal!

Margaret said...

Cute story! And REALLY cute babies!

(newest A to Z player)

Darla said...

So cute!

Jen said...

HA!!!! Your stories always have such great
twists at the End.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such a cute story...love the pirate jibber. :)
They are so cute.
I waited on my oldest daughter till she was about 2 1/2...big mistake. She was horrible. I felt so bad doing it. She screamed. but really, she did look like a boy...even in PINK.
So my littlest I did when she was about 8 mo. old...so much better!!!

Songbirdtiff said...

Way too cute!

Impulsive Addict said...

M says if we ever have a daughter, he WILL NOT let me pierce her ears until she's old enough to make that decision on her own. Let's just see who wins this battle!!

Safire said...

Cute cute! The little gold balls were perfect. And we have a lot of pirate jokes going on at our house at the moment too. ;)

Our favorite, Pirate is screaming to eat: Juice calls out, "Where's that wench with my food!" or I like "Arrr...mommy." It's cute for twins.

Anyway, loving your Mondays.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute! Those pictures of the girls are just adorable.

reliv4life said...

Good idea! now, they will already have it done - Lizzie wants it done, but is scared to do it.

Anniebanannie said...

That was funny...the oh wait...where's right? hahahaha

They were/are SO adorable!