Where did Rosie go?

Here I am!

What a lovely shot ... just keeping it real. "Look, Ma, no cavities!" Which is true.

I've been away. For no other reason other than this blog got away from me. I had a ton of things to do and when I had a free moment I was more in the mood to eat Pizza Combos and watch TV or buy digiscrap supplies.

Then I would feel bad about being away - and even worse about not visiting my friends and leaving lots of lovely comments. It's like when you forget to write a thank you card, and the longer time goes by the weirder you feel about writing it. If you had just written it the first time you remembered that you forgot ... all would be well.

Right now I am in the midst of getting all the paperwork together to register the girls for preschool this September. I already went and filled out the paperwork and payed the $100 (!) registration fee - but I guess I was the only dunderhead who didn't bring their birth certificates, health records, and Baptism certificates (Catholic school). Then we realized we never even got their birth certificates! So Andy is going to town hall on his lunch tomorrow to pick them up - I am going to Church on Thursday to get their Catholic certifications, and Dr. B's office is faxing over the health records. Whew.

I am also preparing for company this weekend! Andy's brother Matt and his wife Jenny are visiting us from Mississippi and I am excited for them to see the girls. I have to start a-cleanin'!

I finally visited my friend Rosanna and her new baby, Colin! He is the cutest thing and I started crying when I first held him. Just so precious. It definitely made me sure that I wanted another one. Rosanna's hubby, Brian, has a brother who is a professional photographer and he took the most amazing pictures of this baby. She emailed them out and I made this ...

(I smudged out his birthday and stuff for privacy.)

I absolutely loved making it and I am going to print and frame it and give it to them as a present at the Baptism. I want to do them for all the babies in my life!

OK - so I owe you all an "A-Z on Monday: F is for ..." - I think I am going to do both F & G this upcoming Monday to keep them all on the same schedule. THANKS to Jen (creater of said "A-Z" who emailed me to make sure everything was OK. And to everyone who left me comments on my last blog post. I love my blog friends. :)

Look for comments on Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Glad that you are back. You were missed! That is one cute little baby. I love what you did with the pictures!

Cassie said...

Yes, cute kiddo. Sometimes we need to just drop a few of our projects and get on with the important stuff...your girls needed Mommy to get them set up for school...your tummy needed those cheese combos!! Welcome back,even if only for a little while. Now GO CLEAN HOUSE!!!

Darla said...

Glad you are back too. No cavaties? Way to go Mom!! Sounds as if you still have a lot going on. Get that house cleaned for your guests and get your paperwork in order to get those girlies in school.. You are going to love a couple of hours to yourself each day.

Jen said...

I don't have any cavities either, just fillings and crowns. ha!
So glad things are well and you are just staying busy and working on your new hobby.
It's all good! :D

Songbirdtiff said...

I'm glad you're back! Don't even think about worrying about catching up. Blogging is supposed to be fun, not work! Enjoy your weekend.

Dawn said...

so happy to see your smiling (!?!?!) face!! missed you... but sometimes we just have to deal with real-life!! and pre-school sounds GREAT! take care!

Safire said...

Woah, thanks for the reminder to actually get the boys' birth certificates. Huh...guess I've got to look on the website and see HOW to do that.

I LOVE that yawn! So cute! I love little babies. Having three is so much fun, you should have another. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sometimes life just takes over! Don't feel bad. Blogging should be a stress reliever/get away type of thing, not a chore!

Audrey Lois said...

Hi Rosemarie: I too am back after some hectic days! Love from Aunt Audrey