Stop & Shop Gift Card Winners!

We have our winners! I meant to do this yesterday but we had a last minute invite to the Renaissance Faire and were out all day. We had a great time - but that's another post!

OK, so ... I had 4 entries total that made it by the deadline of midnight on Friday. (I had more comments, but they didn't have a Stop & Shop near them - so sad ...). I numbered them in order.

1. Christine
2. Tracey
3. BoufMom9
4. Beverlee

Then, I went to Random.org and generated 2 random numbers between and including 1 and 4.

Here are the results ...

So a big congratulations go out to Christine and Beverlee! Email me at madkatblog@yahoo.com with your addresses and I will get the cards right out to you!

Enjoy your shopping!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats winners!

Beverlee said...

Yippee! More tuna and twizzlers! Life is good! ;o)