First Day of School

We had a busy hectic week figuring out schedules and what time we all have to get up in the morning. I decided to send the girls to different schools for a variety of reasons, and they seem to have taken to it fine. Maddie goes 5 days a week and Katie goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are crazy.

We bought an extra carseat for Andy's car so he could drive Katie to school in the morning. Maddie takes the bus, which is just sooo much easier. But Katie's school is only like 7 minutes away so it's really not that bad.

Katie's first day was last Friday and it was a beautiful sunny day. Maddie hadn't started yet so we only had the one kid to get ready. It was nice, it was fine, it was a breeze. "We got this!" Andy and I said with a chuckle.

Katie's First Day!

Tuesday came (day after Labor Day) and it was Maddie's turn. Her bus doesn't come super early so we had time - and since it wasn't a Katie school day, again we only had one kid to get ready. "Hah!" Andy and I exclaimed with grins.

Maddie's First Day!

Then Wednesday hit. And we were promply put in our place.

We woke up them at 7am - "plenty of time!" I thought to myself. After all, we woke up at 7am on Katie's first day and it went like clockwork. But now we had two crazy little girls to get ready. Our stress level did not just double, it quadrupled. "Eat! Go potty! Come here! Stand still! I'm not brushing it too hard! Arms up! Keep your socks on! That's not yours!"

I suppose we'll laugh about this one day.

One day years from now.

Finally they were dressed and Katie was ready to leave with Andy. But since it was their first day of school together I wanted to take some pictures of them together. I was dreading it - after the morning we had I would have been happy with just one picture of them crying together. But they were great!

They posed and laughed and hugged. I wanted one picture of them hugging each other and looking at me, but they just couldn't get it, so Andy said, "C'mon" to get them to behave. They thought he meant "C'mon over here," so they started walking towards us. Literal children. (PS - I always said I wouldn't dress them alike when they started school, but since they aren't at the same school I figure it's OK!)

This morning was a double-child-school-day and I was determined not to have a repeat of Wednesday. I got them up at 6:30am - and it was much smoother. We needed that extra half-hour. Andy had to be in his office for an 8am meeting so I had to drive Katie to school, and Maddie had to come along for the ride. It's raining and I expected some craziness, but it was fine. Whew.

I'll just keep repeating to myself, "One day ... years from now ..."


CraftyCrissy (Cris!) said...

You will laugh - I promise! That day "years from now" will be sooner than you think. Probably by the holidays when you're a well-oiled machine and the girls are doing more for themselves. I promise! Where is Katie going? Beautiful pics - I like the same outfit but different school thing!

Yaya said...

Cute pics!

I nanny 4 kids, 3 of which attend school so my first hour of work is CHAOS! Wake up 4 kids, feed 4 kids, teeth, potty, hair, socks/shoes, pack snacks/lunches, calm the inevitable temper tantrums....oy!

reliv4life said...

I have three kids, my oldest is 18 now and mornings we have to all go someplace can still be crazy - I am glad you are figuring it out quicker than me! HA - all these years I should have been getting up 30 min earlier?? who knew???

Safire said...

Ack, I'm not looking forward to this! But I'm glad you seem to be surviving okay.

Liz said...

Adorable! Glad that you figured out a better schedule!

~~Mel~~ said...

Your girls are so adorable!!! Loved looking at all those pics...and don't worry you'll have this morning routine stuff down pat in no time...

p.s. missed you too!