Vote for Maddie and Katie!!

I've been gone again! Aaah!

Actually, not much has been going on here lately - Katie is sick, poor thing. She started with a runny nose - then a cough - now she sounds like Kathleen Turner. (Love it!) (Bad mommy!)

I do have some exciting news, though. A picture of Katie and Maddie was chosen as a finalist (Top 20) in "The Cutest Multiples Photo Contest" over at Multiples ... and More! Please take a sec to drop by and vote - they are number 6. Here is the picture I submitted ....

You can vote once until May 6th - and then once again after May 6th. If they make it to the Top 10 then the voting starts up again. Thanks so much!

In other news, Maddie is doing so well in school. She gets on the bus with no problem at all - which is such a relief to me. I don't know if I could have handled it if she was crying everyday. I get a note from her teacher almost everyday in her "Communication Notebook" (love it!) that tells me what she is doing in school and HOW she is doing. Apparently the word "no" was used by her quite often that first week!

We are almost done painting the base molding and we started putting some of the furniture back into place. Andy went nuts with those sticky felt pads on the bottom of everything. Now the chairs sliiiiide so nicely across the dining room floor. I want to get a big area rug for the living room so the girls can play without me holding my breath the whole time. Still no living room furniture in our future ... but I don't mind.

I am holding a garage sale here for my multiples club on May 9th and we are sooooo excited to clear some of the (still good) junk out of this place.

Thanks for voting for the girls!!! Spread the word!!!

So - have a great weekend everyone! And vote!!! :)


Amanda said...

I have to say we LOVED this photo and talked about it pretty much all night! Congratulations hope you make top 10!

Darla said...

Hey girlie,
Have missed you and your precious family!! Glad your house is finally coming back together....Cute photo, going to vote now. Did you ask about the area in front of your home...something about Mums. I am so sorry I did not reply. Post a photo of the front of your home of that area....I have been pinching my mums back and watering them ane they are going nuts! my email is rusdar@hotmail.com

Liz said...

That is such a cute picture. Will definitely head over and vote.

Glad to hear that Maddie is doing so well in school. Sorry that Katie is sick. I hope she feels better soon!

Audrey Lois said...


Living With Loss said...

Voted!! What a sweet picture :)

I hope your girls win - they sure deserve to!

Yaya said...

Great pic! I voted for you! All of the entries were adorable...stiff competition!

Safire said...

Great picture! And it sounds like you're enjoying getting your new floor acclimated. :) Have a great weekend!

Erin said...

voted and the word has spread through the fitz fam so you are getting votes from the extended fam as well! what a sweetie pie pic! LOVE IT!

so glad maddie is doing great in school! way to go maddie-girl!

Pam said...

your girls are so adorable! we definitely have some stiff competition. :)

(the mom of linus, oliver, and miles)

~~Mel~~ said...

I voted! And I left you an award on my blog.