Not like the old days

We have been loving this weather lately, even though it plummeted in the last few days.  The girls had off their birthday week and we spent a lot of it outside with some of their new presents.  They wanted roller skates and I wanted to get them new bicycles.

Their grandparents came over their actual birthday-day and we opened presents from them that night and as promised, my mom got them the much longed for roller skates.  They are just like the kind I had when I was little - they expand to fit around your sneakers.  Except these are cute friendly, pink plastic princess ones and mine were hard, unforgiving metal that would probably have given me tetanus if I fell on them the wrong way.  But hey - we all survived.  And what's with the helmet and knee pads, Katie?  It's no fun unless you're risking life and limb.

Maddie, who has never been adventurous as Katie, saw her sister wobbling around and decided that bubbles would do her just fine, thank you very much.  Which was fine with me, too, - because as much as Maddie doesn't like the athletics, I don't like it when she falls and had bloody scabs for days either.  Hey - she has other gifts - the kid was reading when she was two - she'll be just fine.

Her goal was to blow a BIG bubble and she just couldn't get it - and not for lack of trying.  So I jumped in "Mommy will show you how!" and darn it if I couldn't do it either.  I blew into the wand reaaalllll sllooooowww and it just wasn't happening.  Skates and bubbles.  They just don't make them like they used to.


Becca's Dirt said...

I've had bubble bottles where they blew the biggest bubbles and some that hardly blew anything bigger than a quarter. Looks they both had a good time. I remember those skates too. Sounds like they each have their very own personality of likes and dislikes. Precious babies.

Dawn said...

two posts in one day- hooray!!
i love that you celebrate their personalities and let them each have their fun. i've seen some big bubble testube things at target... they make HUGE bubble :)

~~Mel~~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your girls! Both of them are so cute in your pics.

Beverlee said...

One Roller Derby Girl and One Bubble Blowing Girl .... that's a good balance.... Keep one Big eye on the Derby Girl and a comfortable glimpse at Bubble blowing Girl!
Four years from now we will see what Baby #3 is up to !!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that your girls had a great birthday! It looks like they were having a lot of fun!