Our Christmas Card Surprise

When we decided (read: when I convinced Mr. Andy Man) to try for a third kid we at first thought of planning for last year, when the girls would turn three. Which meant we had to get started when they were 2 1/2 - which both of us immediately reconsidered! We decided that waiting until the girls were going to be four when the new baby was born was probably a better idea.

I still can't get pregnant on my own, so we did IVF again (we did it for the girls) - and since we knew the drill it wasn't nearly as daunting this time. Our only request from our fabulous doctors at RMA was that we only wanted ONE embryo transfered. They laughed and said, "Sure - but you know it may split, right?" Oh yes, we knew! We just knew we'd have to add another bedroom onto the house if that happened.

It was so different this time because of a few reasons. We decided not to tell anyone this time. When we couldn't get pregnant years ago - everyone knew. They knew we were trying - they knew we were going through infertility treatments - they knew when we had the IVF done - and they knew the minute I found out I was pregant. They knew we were having twins - they knew they were girls - they even knew their names. I really wanted the element of surprise this time.

Another thing that was different than years ago was that now we had the girls. Andy was always able to come to appointments with me (which were anywhere from 5:30-7:30am). Now he had to stay home with the girls. We had a friend lined up to babysit the girls when the actual transfer took place - but then both our girls were sick with horrible horrible colds and we didn't want to get her little girl sick, so Andy stayed home instead. I went alone. It wasn't horrible - but I would have loved for him to be there to hold my hand.

We found out within a week that the transfer worked! And we found out a few days later that the embryo did NOT split. Yay!

Now we had to wait to tell everyone. I wanted to be sure and I wanted the baby to be safe. We waited until 8 weeks to tell our parents and siblings - on Halloween! All our parents were in a state of shock I think, and looked at us like we were nuts. Hey - we may be nuts, but all I know it that I felt like someone was missing. There was a notion of another little kid running around this house that I could just not get out of my head.

I don't want you all to think that our parents are upset or anything - I think we just shocked them! Trust me - they will eat this next little one up judging by the way they adore our girls in a way I never thought possible! :)

So now we had to tell everyone else. When I saw that I was going to hit 12 weeks the first week of December, "Christmas card" immediately popped into my head. My cousin did it a few years ago and I thought it was such a great idea - so I copied. That week we had our nuchal scan screening and got great results so the next day I mailed the cards.

I took a picture of the girls wearing "I'm gonna be a Big Sister" shirts instead of a Christmas dress. Mail must be fast because the next day the phone rang and rang. It was great to tell everyone and hear "Are you sure it's not two?" over and over!

I'll be blogging more and more now. I am just starting to feel better - the exhaustion, morning sickness, and headaches are almost gone. (Shhh ... don't tell Andy ...)


Becca's Dirt said...

I am so thrilled for you and your family. That is sucha a sweet way to spread the news. Those girls are growing up so fast.

Safire said...

Yay yay! I wondered if this was the case when you stopped blogging. Having 3 is awesome! And that's cool that IVF worked so well for you. I know a lot of people who try a lot longer for their 2nd pregnancy. Enjoy it!

Dawn said...

oh you got me crying...
big fat gushy tears.
while you were away... i prayed for you (cuz i missed you!) and i hoped that you were doing a-ok. little did i know :) but i am so happy for you. so happy that this has been full of peace (not including the morning sickness) and it sounds to me that God was just waiting on you...
glad you 'll be around more :)
i really am.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Christmas card idea!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so neat what you did with the Christmas cards! That's awesome that you IVF worked so fast! So happy for you!

~~Mel~~ said...

Congrats on baby #3...I personally think what's missing is a little boy...they are so much fun! But I know you'll be over the moon excited even if you got another little girl to love!

I think your Christmas card idea is one of the best ways to announce pregnancy that I've ever seen.

Cassie said...

Oh wow...Congrats!! I missed you and wondered what you were up to. NOW we know!!! Blessings, Cassie

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Carroll!!!!
I am sooooooooooooooo happy for you! I got your Christmas card in the mail and wanted to email you (but I can't remember what your email is.) Anyway, I'd love to see and talk to you soon! You can email me --K2Mullen@aol.com! Hope to hear from you soon! --Katie